17 April 2014

The Best M&M Cookies

M&M Cookies

The BEST M&M Cookies! Yes my friends and I mean it. Absolutely my number one go to cookie recipe.

08 April 2014

Singer Sewing Machine Cover

Singer Sewing Machine Cover

Oh wow! This has been covering my sewing machine with one side open and I just finished this today, thank goodness. I am very happy! At last I have help at home and can finally do some sewing and maybe baking.

24 March 2014

Neon Party Hats and Center Piece Decors

Party Hat

I thought, I should make a separate post for these lovely party hats I made for my boys when they turned 1 and 6. You can check the Neon Ice Cream Party we had.

18 March 2014

Neon Ice Cream Triple Birthday Party

I apologize for being out for so long but it's because of what I will be sharing today. Yup! A Neon Ice Cream Party for my two boys + me.

24 February 2014

Cupcake, Chocolate and Loads of Sprinkles

Sorry for being out so long but now I'm kinda back but doing this on my mobile phone.

I rarely bake and got worried over my sprinkles getting molds and so I decided to make  double chocolate cupcakes with ganache and LOADS of sprinkles.

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